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New York Knickerbocker Logo
1846-1856 11
The first organized baseball team, founded by Alexander Cartwright in 1845. Played under a set of rules known as "The Knickerbocker Rules", historically similar to the game today.
New York Baltic - Logo
1856-1856 1
New York Eagle Logo
1854-1856 3
New York Empire Logo
1855-1856 2
New York Gotham Logo
1852-1856 5
Morrisania Union Logo
1855-1856 2
An average amateur team in the 1850s, after professionalism entered the sport by the 1870 season, Union refused to enter the new National Association of Professional Base Ball Players.
Brooklyn Excelsior Logo
1856-1856 1
Known for originating the "Brooklyn-style" baseball cap, precursor to the modern cap. Were one of the first baseball clubs to undertake a long-distance tour to compete outside their home region.
New York Putnam - Logo
1856-1856 1
Brooklyn Atlantic Logo
1855-1856 2
Team disbanded after the National Association folded following the 1875 season.
Brooklyn Eckford Logo
1856-1856 1
After its only year in the National Association, the franchise folded following the 1872 season.
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