Emmitt Smith: Dallas Cowboys, Walter Payton, NFL Records & Moving On

54 minutes

Dallas Cowboys star, The NFL’s All-Time Leading rusher, Emmitt Smith joins The Pivot today for a conversation you don’t want to miss!

Emmitt shares how a young man from Florida who had dreams of playing for the star turned his vision into a reality breaking the mold and going far beyond what he imagined. Opening up to Fred, Ryan and Channing- the football legend talks about how his purpose went far beyond the game and becoming an admirable man solidified his legacy.

Meeting Walter Payton for the first time helped Emmitt shape his mission and knowing that breaking the running back’s record was on his radar, he worked everyday as that was his mission. Sharing memories and stories of playing for the Cowboys during the glory days of the 90s, Emmitt talks about what it was really like playing for America’s team.

Away from the field and away from the bright lights and star, Emmitt shares how being a father and how finding life again after separating from his wife of almost two decades changed him and redefined his purpose.

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