Other concurrent hockey leagues:    
WHA  ·  PHL  ·  WCHL  ·  PCHA

League Executives

Tenure Name Title
1994-21 Gary Bettman Commissioner
1993 Gil Stein League President
1978-92 John Ziegler League President
1947-77 Clarence Campbell League President
1943-46 Red Dutton League President
1917-42 Frank Calder League President

Players' Union Leaders

Tenure Name Title
2011-21 Donald Fehr Union Director
2009-10 Mike Ouellet Union Director
2009 Ian Penny Union Director
2007-09 Paul Kelly Union Director
2006 Ted Saskin Union Director
1993-05 Bob Goodenow Union Director
1992 (none) Union Director
1967-91 Alan Eagleson Union Director

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