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League Executives

Tenure Name Title
2006-21 Roger Goodell Commissioner
1989-05 Paul Tagliabue Commissioner
1960-88 Pete Rozelle Commissioner
1959 Austin Gunsel Commissioner
1946-58 Bert Bell Commissioner
1941-45 Elmer Layden Commissioner
1939-40 Carl Storck League President
1921-38 Joseph Carr League President
1920 Jim Thorpe League President
1920 Ralph Hay League Secretary

Players' Union Leaders

Tenure Name Title
2009-21 DeMaurice Smith Union Director
2008 Richard Berthelsen Union Director
1983-07 Gene Upshaw Union Director
1971-82 Ed Garvey Union Director
1970 Malcolm Kennedy Jr. Union Director
1969 John Gordy Union Director
1957-68 Creighton Miller Player Attorney

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