Los Angeles Angels Logo
MLB: 1961-2017 (57 seasons)
Joined the American League as an expansion team to begin the 1961 season. Left Los Angeles and relocated to Anaheim to begin the 1966 season.
Los Angeles Dodgers Logo
MLB: 1884-2018 (135 seasons)
Left the American Association to join the National League to begin the 1890 season. Left Brooklyn and relocated to Los Angeles to begin the 1957 season. Franchise currently exists as the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Los Angeles Clippers Logo
NBA: 1971-2018 (48 seasons)
Los Angeles Lakers Logo
NBA: 1947-2018 (72 seasons)
Anaheim Ducks Logo
NHL: 1994-2018 (25 seasons)
Los Angeles Kings Logo
NHL: 1968-2018 (51 seasons)

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