Montreal Canadiens Logo
NHL: 1910-2020 111 27
The longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team worldwide and the only existing NHL club to predate the founding of the NHL

Defunct Teams

Teams that have folded or moved away from the Montreal area.
F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
Montreal Expos Logo
⚾ MLB: 1969-2004 36
Joined the National League as an expansion team to begin the 1969 season. Left Montreal and relocated to Washington DC to begin the 2005 season.
Quebec Nordiques Logo
NHL: 1973-1995 23 1
The Avalanche were founded in 1972 as the Quebec Nordiques and were one of the charter franchises of the World Hockey Association. The franchise joined the NHL in 1979 as a result of the NHL–WHA merge...
Montreal Maroons Logo
NHL: 1925-1938 14 2
Founded as a team for the English community in Montreal, they shared their home city with the Canadiens, who eventually came under the same ownership as the Maroons but were intended to appeal to the ...
Quebec Bulldogs Logo
NHL: 1883-1920 38 3
The Quebec Bulldogs (French: Bulldogs de Québec) were a men's senior-level ice hockey team based in Quebec City. The team was officially known as the Quebec Hockey Club (French: Club de hockey de Québ...
Montreal Wanderers Logo
NHL: 1904-1918 15 5
The Montreal Wanderers were an amateur, and later professional, men's ice hockey team based in Montreal. The team played in the Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL), the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey ...
Sydney Millionaires Logo
Sydney joined the Maritime Professional Hockey League (MaPHL) for the 1912–13 season. The team won the league title and challenged for the Stanley Cup against the Quebec Bulldogs. The Team Captain in...
New Glasgow Black Foxes Logo
The New Glasgow Cubs, later the New Glasgow Black Foxes, were a professional ice hockey team from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia in Canada. The team played for three seasons in the Maritime Professional Hoc...
Halifax Crescents Logo
The Halifax Crescents were an early amateur and later, professional ice hockey team operating in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The team operated in several leagues, gone defunct and been resurrected. ...
Moncton Victorias Logo
MaPHL: 1911-1913 3 2
Moncton Victorias won the 1911–12 installation of the Maritime Professional Hockey League which gave the club an opportunity to challenge Stanley Cup holders the Quebec Bulldogs of the National Hockey...
Montreal Shamrocks Logo
CHA: 1891-1910 20 2
The Shamrocks were founded on December 15, 1886 at a meeting of the Shamrock Lacrosse Club to organize an ice hockey club. The Shamrock Lacrosse Club of Montreal predated the hockey team by twenty yea...
Montreal Le National Logo
The Montreal Nationals (Le National de Montreal) were an amateur, later professional, and then amateur again men's senior-level ice hockey team. They are notable in that they were the first team to re...
Montreal Hockey Club Logo
ECHA: 1885-1908 24 11
Organized in 1884, they were affiliated with Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (MAAA) and used the 'winged wheel' logo. The team was the first to win the Stanley Cup, in 1893
Montreal Victorias Logo
ECHA: 1883-1908 26 7
Interest in ice hockey at the Victoria Skating Club in Montreal, dates to at least 1874, and is attributed to the efforts of James Creighton then a judge of skating at the club, in organizing his frie...
Montreal Montagnards Logo
The Montagnards were a member of the Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL), set up as a rival to the CAHL from 1904 until 1908. The club had little success in its first two seasons. In 1904 they played...
Montreal Crystals Logo
AHAC: 1884-1895 12 1
One of the first established ice hockey teams, the Crystals played various challenges against other clubs in the early days of ice hockey competition. They won the Canadian championship in 1886, defea...
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