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League Executives

Tenure Name Title
2015-21 Rob Manfred Commissioner
1999-14 Bud Selig Commissioner
1993-98 Bud Selig League Chairman
1989-92 Fay Vincent Commissioner
1989 Bart Giamatti Commissioner
1985-88 Peter Ueberroth Commissioner
1969-84 Bowie Kuhn Commissioner
1966-68 William Eckert Commissioner
1951-65 Ford Frick Commissioner
1945-50 Happy Chandler Commissioner
1920-44 Kenesaw Landis Commissioner
1903-19 August Herrmann League Chairman

Players' Union Leaders

Tenure Name Title
2014-21 Tony Clark Union Director
2009-13 Michael Weiner Union Director
1984-08 Donald Fehr Union Director
1983 Ken Moffett Union Director
1966-82 Marvin Miller Union Director
1959-65 Frank Scott Union Director
1956-58 Bob Feller Union Director

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