Kansas City Royals Logo
⚾ MLB: 1969-2020 52 2
Joined the American League as an expansion team to begin the 1969 season.
Kansas City Chiefs Logo
🏈 NFL: 1960-2020 61 4

Defunct Teams

Teams that have folded or moved away from the Kansas City area.
F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
Kansas City Athletics Logo
One of the eight original American League teams beginning with the 1901 season. Left Philadelphia to relocate in Kansas City to begin the 1955 season. Left Kansas City to relocate to Oakland to begin the 1968 season.
Kansas City Monarchs Logo
⚾ NAL: 1920-1948 29 10
The longest-running franchise in the history of baseball's Negro leagues. The Monarchs had only one season in which they did not have a winning record and produced more major league players than any other Negro league franchise.
Kansas City All Nations Logo
Included players of several nationalities, including blacks and whites, Indians, Hawaiians, Japanese and Latin Americans
Kansas City Packers Logo
Team disbanded after the Federal League folded following the 1915 season.
Algona Brownies Logo
Consisted of players that left the Union Giants and defunct Chicago Unions franchise
Kansas City Blues Logo
⚾ AL: 1894-1900 7 1
One of the eight original American League teams beginning with the 1901 season. Left Washington DC to relocate to Minnesota to begin the 1961 season.
Kansas City Cowboys Logo
After 2 years in the American Association, the franchise folded following the 1889 season.
Kansas City Cowboys Logo
Joined the Union Association in May 1884 to replace the Altoona Mountain Citys. Team disbanded after the Union Association folded at the end of the season.
The early history of sports contains hundreds of teams that appeared for only 1 or 2 seasons before folding. Most of these teams have no historical photographs or articles, so are omitted from this list to reduce clutter. To view a comprehensive list of all defunct teams, browse to the early leagues section for baseball, football, basketball, or hockey.

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