Oakland Athletics Logo
⚾ MLB: 1901-2018 (118 seasons)
One of the eight original American League teams beginning with the 1901 season. Left Philadelphia to relocate in Kansas City to begin the 1955 season. Left Kansas City to relocate to Oakland to begin the 1968 season.
San Francisco Giants Logo
⚾ MLB: 1883-2018 (136 seasons)
Entered the National League in 1883. Left New York and relocated to San Francisco to begin the 1958 season.
Oakland Raiders Logo
🏈 NFL: 1960-2018 (59 seasons)
San Francisco 49ers Logo
🏈 NFL: 1946-2018 (73 seasons)
Golden State Warriors Logo
🏀 NBA: 1947-2018 (72 seasons)
Sacramento Kings Logo
🏀 NBA: 1946-2018 (73 seasons)
San Jose Sharks Logo
NHL: 1992-2018 (27 seasons)

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