Washington Nationals Logo
Joined the National League as an expansion team to begin the 1969 season. Left Montreal and relocated to Washington DC to begin the 2005 season.
Washington Wizards Logo
🏀 NBA: 1962-2020 59 1
Washington Capitals Logo
NHL: 1975-2020 46 1

Defunct Teams

Teams that have folded or moved away from the Washington DC area.
F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
Washington Senators Logo
Joined the American League as an expansion team to begin the 1961 season. Left Washington DC and relocated to Arlington in 1972.
Washington Senators Logo
⚾ MLB: 1901-1960 60 1
One of the eight original American League teams beginning with the 1901 season. Left Washington DC to relocate to Minnesota to begin the 1961 season.
Washington Elite Giants Logo
The team's origins lie in two local negro amateur baseball teams: the Nashville Maroons and the Elites. The Giants welcomed any competition, including white-only teams, but played independently of any leagues until the mid-1920s.
Wilmington Potomacs Logo
Based in Washington, D.C. in the ECL, they also operated as an independent team briefly. The Potomacs moved to Wilmington, Delaware where they played as the Wilmington Potomacs. In 1925 the team folded, unable to complete the season.
Washington Senators Logo
Joined the National League after the American Association folded following the 1891 season. Franchise folded at the end of the 1899 season when the NL contracted back to 8 teams.
Washington Nationals Logo
After 4 years in the National League, the franchise folded following the 1889 season.
Washington Nationals Logo
Team disbanded after the Union Association folded following the 1884 season.
Washington Blue Legs Logo
Franchise played on 11 games in the National Assocation during 1872 and folded after playing 39 games during 1873.
Washington Olympics Logo
In their second season in the National Association, the franchise folded after playing 9 games in 1874.
The early history of sports contains hundreds of teams that appeared for only 1 or 2 seasons before folding. Most of these teams have no historical photographs or articles, so are omitted from this list to reduce clutter. To view a comprehensive list of all defunct teams, browse to the early leagues section for baseball, football, basketball, or hockey.

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