Super Bowl XVI • San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals Radio Broadcast

Jan 24, 1982
2½ hours

Super Bowl XVI showcased a pivotal matchup between the San Francisco 49ers, led by Joe Montana under coach Bill Walsh, and the Cincinnati Bengals, steered by Ken Anderson with coach Forrest Gregg. As the season unfolded, both teams had demonstrated formidable prowess, with the 49ers refining their innovative offensive strategies and the Bengals showcasing resilience and tactical acumen. The anticipation for this clash was heightened by both teams' remarkable journeys to the championship, marking a defining moment in the 1981 NFL season.

The game itself was a display of strategic depth and individual brilliance. Montana's leadership and tactical intelligence were on full display, culminating in a rushing touchdown and a pivotal pass for another. Anderson, despite facing a stalwart 49ers defense, managed significant yardage and connected for two touchdowns, highlighting his resilience and skill. The 49ers' defensive squad, instrumental in curbing the Bengals' momentum, forced crucial turnovers, underscoring their role in the team's strategic victories.

The 49ers' triumph, concluding a 26-21 victory, not only secured their first Super Bowl title but also underscored the emergence of a dynasty under Walsh's guidance. Reflecting on the season, this game was a testament to the 49ers' strategic innovation and team cohesion. The Bengals, despite the loss, showcased their competitive spirit, marking the beginning of a rivalry that would be remembered for years to come. This season, culminating in the 49ers' victory, set the stage for future NFL narratives, including playoff races, awards, and the evolving strategies of American football.

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