On November 3, 1968, the Chicago Bears visited the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in a classic NFL rivalry clash. Coached by Jim Dooley, the Bears were aiming to even their season record, facing the Packers led by coach Phil Bengtson, who were struggling slightly below .500. This game was not just a regular matchup; it was steeped in the intense rivalry and history between these two storied franchises. At this point in the season, both teams were dealing with varying challenges but still held onto playoff aspirations, setting the stage for a tightly contested game. The Packers' quarterback Bart Starr and the Bears' Virgil Carter were pivotal figures, with their performances underpinning their teams' strategies and hopes for the season.

During the game, the Bears and Packers showed strong defenses and strategic play that kept scoring low and tensions high. The Bears' kicker Mac Percival was crucial, scoring two field goals, including a critical 43-yarder. Virgil Carter, despite modest passing statistics, added a touchdown on the ground that proved decisive. On the Packers' side, Bart Starr connected with Carroll Dale for a 50-yard touchdown pass, showcasing the aerial threat they posed. The game's flow was marked by strategic punting and field position battles, with both teams exchanging the lead in the final quarter, reflecting the close competition typical of their historic rivalry.

The Bears emerged victorious with a narrow 13-10 win, which shifted their season record to an even 4-4, while the Packers moved to 3-5-1. The 1968 season, remembered for its pivotal moments and the intense playoff races in the NFL, saw both teams fighting hard but ultimately not making a significant impact in the postseason.

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