Joe Dimaggio Show with radio host Jack Barry - Radio Broadcast

31 minutes

In this rare audio snippet from 1949, we hear an engaging conversation between two prominent figures of their time, Joe DiMaggio and radio host Jack Barry. DiMaggio, a renowned baseball player, was at the end of his career at the time, playing for the New York Yankees. Known for his exceptional hitting and fielding skills, DiMaggio was a household name, and his contribution to the sport was immense. On the other side of the mic, Jack Barry, an established radio and television host, was known for his knack for drawing out interesting insights from his interviewees. This was before his rise to greater fame in the 1950s and 1960s as the host of popular game shows. In this broadcast, Barry's probing questions and DiMaggio's candid responses offer listeners a unique glimpse into the world of baseball during this era.

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26 minutes Sep 18, 1955
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