The Ringer NFL Show podcast

The Ringer NFL Show

Nov 21, 2017
56 minutes

The Ringer’s Robert Mays and Kevin Clark recap an exciting Week 11, including why the Falcons are in the best position to claim an NFC wild-card spot (01:00), how the Eagles are still improving (07:00), why the horrible decision to start Nathan Peterman makes the Bills look like hypocrites (28:00), and how the Chargers have a clear path to the AFC playoffs (32:00). Then, Danny Kelly joins the show to explain the Chiefs’ drop-off from the best team in the league to a mediocre one (36:45). Finally, the Ringer’s Chris Ryan and the guys analyze Doug Pederson’s hairstyle (44:45) and contemplate whether Eagles fans should book trips to the Super Bowl (52:00). - - - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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