Indiana Glory with Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, and Isiah Thomas

Feb 17, 2024
48 minutes

In an engaging conversation filled with nostalgia and respect, Indiana basketball legends Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, and Isaiah Thomas reminisced about their illustrious careers, sharing insights and memories that highlight their impact on the game. The discussion took a playful start with a light-hearted debate about coming in second in a shooting contest, setting the tone for a journey through basketball history.

Larry Bird, known for his incredible shooting ability, shared anecdotes about his career, including his record-breaking performances and his approach to the game. His story about returning to play after a concussion during a critical playoff game against the Pacers underlines his competitive spirit and dedication.

Isaiah Thomas, reflecting on his time with the Detroit Pistons, spoke about the intense rivalry with Bird's Celtics and the challenges of leading a team to the NBA Finals. Thomas also touched on the controversial comments about Bird and the profound respect he holds for him, highlighting Bird's gracious response that defused potential tension.

Reggie Miller, the host, shared his admiration for both Bird and Thomas, expressing regret for not delivering a championship under their coaching. The conversation also delved into the evolution of basketball, with discussions about the art of trash-talking, the impact of iconic players on the game, and the transition from playing to coaching.

Bird and Thomas offered their perspectives on current NBA stars, praising the talents of Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kevin Durant, while also reflecting on the game's evolution and the future of basketball. Their commentary on the potential for players to reach scoring milestones and the strategic changes in the NBA underscores their deep understanding and love for the game.

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