Ernie Harwell - Early Radio Days - Radio Interview Part 2 of 8

21 minutes

In this audio clip from 2006, legendary baseball broadcaster Ernie Harwell reflects on his early days in radio, marking a nostalgic journey back to the roots of his illustrious career. The interview showcases Harwell's humble beginnings and his ascent to becoming one of baseball's most revered voices. The year 2006 situates this interview towards the end of Harwell's life, providing a poignant look back at a career that spanned over half a century, during which Harwell became synonymous with Detroit Tigers' baseball. The interviewer engages Harwell in a discussion that illuminates the broadcaster's early challenges and successes, giving listeners an intimate glimpse into the formative years of his professional life. This context is especially significant considering Harwell's passing in 2010, making the clip a valuable piece of historical audio that preserves the memory of a beloved figure in sports broadcasting.

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