NFL: Good Morning Football podcast

NFL: Good Morning Football

Dec 27, 2016
1 hour

On Episode 6 of the #GMFB Pod: Nate talks about his experience raising the 12th Man Flag in Seattle (1:02); Peter reluctantly recounts the story of a fan asking for his autograph on the sideline (8:45); Kyle discusses the joy of being a father on Christmas (16:40); the crew gets into the big injuries from over the weekend (18:20); Peter presents the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” that exists in the Lions/Packers game this weekend (25:45); the team highlights the big matchups of Week 17 (38:50); the hosts put forth their New Year’s resolutions (48:15); and to close, Peter presents this week’s "Blind Item" story (55:30). - - Learn more about your ad-choices at

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