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Paterson Whirlwinds Logo
a.k.a. Crescents
1929-1931 3
Originally known as the the Paterson Whirlwinds, after their first season, the team became known as the Paterson Crescents.
Toledo Red Men Logo
1931-1931 1
Cleveland Rosenblums Logo
1926-1931 6 3
Rochester Centrals Logo
1926-1931 6
Fort Wayne Hoosiers Logo
1926-1931 6 1
Chicago Bruins Logo
1926-1931 6
Brooklyn Visitations Logo
1928-1931 4 1
Also known as the "Triangles", franchise played in for nearly 20 years in both the ABL and MBL with tremendous success, including six championships.
Trenton Bengals Logo
1929-1929 1
Known as the Trenton Potters in early 1900s, the Trenton Bengals (aka Royal Bengals) in the 1920s and 30s, and eventually as the Trenton Tigers in the 1940s before fading along with the ABL.
Detroit Cardinals - Logo
1928-1928 1
Philadelphia Warriors - Logo
Borne out of the Philadelphia SPHAs, and headed up by Eddie Gottlieb, a Philadelphia native who tried, through various leagues and teams, to bring about national-based basketball associations.
Baltimore Orioles - Logo
1927-1927 1
Brooklyn Arcadians - Logo
1926-1926 1
Buffalo Bisons Logo
1926-1926 1
The Buffalo Bisons (also known as the Germans) were an American basketball team based in Buffalo, New York that was a member of the American Basketball League.
Boston Whirlwinds - Logo
1926-1926 1
In it's only season, the team was stocked with some of the best-known pro players of the era. Most of his stars, however, were in their early thirties and years beyond their prime.

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