Other concurrent football leagues:    
F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
Philadelphia Quakers - Logo
1926-1926 1 1
L. S. Conway
New York Yankees Logo
1926-1926 1
C. C. Pyle
Cleveland Panthers Logo
1926-1926 1
The Panthers competed in the first American Football League (AFL), founded by Charles "Cash and Carry" Pyle (1882–1939), in 1926. The Panthers, owned by General Charles X. Zimmerman (1865–1926) (the v...
Los Angeles Wildcats - Logo
C. C. Pyle
Chicago Bulls - Logo
1926-1926 1
Joey Sternaman
Boston Bulldogs - Logo
1926-1926 1
Robert McKirby
Brooklyn Horsemen - Logo
1926-1926 1
Humbert Fugazy
Newark Bears - Logo
1926-1926 1
William Coughlin1
Rock Island Independents Logo
The Rock Island Independents were a professional American football team, based in Rock Island, Illinois, from 1907–1926. The Independents were a founding National Football League franchise. They hoste...
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