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1929-1929 1
An independent team that played in the New York and northeast region of the United States. Because of their ties to the region they were also referred to as the New York Cuban Stars.
Founded when two African-American politicians moved the Duval Giants of Jacksonville, Florida, to Atlantic City in 1916 and renamed them after Harry Bacharach, the city's mayor.
1929-1929 1 1
Started as an independent team in 1913, gained large success with many stars while it hopped around to four other leageues in it's remaning years before folding.
1929-1929 1
Established as a boys team in 1910, developed by their owner to be one of the powerhouse Negro league baseball teams in the mid 1920s. Folded along with many clubs during the Great Depression
Founded as the first colored pro team in the west. and were the dominant team in 1911, 1912 and 1913, winning the eastern championship each year. In 1914, the owner lost control of the Lincoln Giants name, and formed a rival team, the Lincoln Stars.
1929-1929 1
Formed by Cumberland Posey, and remained in continuous operation for 38 seasons. Played home games in Pittsburgh at Forbes Field and Greenlee Field. In the 1940s they began splitting home games between Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.