Other negro baseball leagues in 1926:    
NNL1  ·  Negro
The Newark Stars, folded after only 11 games. The Negro National League and the Eastern Colored League faced each other in a Colored World Series at the end of the season to determine an overall champion.
z: best record, c: conference winner, y: division winner, w: wildcard, x: clinched playoff spot

Colored World Series

Best of 9-game series
??? (NNL1) Chi. American 3-3 AC Bacharach (ECL) Tied 0-0
??? (NNL1) Chi. American 7-6 AC Bacharach (ECL) CHI 1-0
??? (NNL1) Chi. American 0-10 AC Bacharach (ECL) Tied 1-1
??? (ECL) AC Bacharach 4-4 Chi. American (NNL1) Tied 1-1
??? (ECL) AC Bacharach 7-5 Chi. American (NNL1) ACBG 2-1
??? (NNL1) Chi. American 4-6 AC Bacharach (ECL) ACBG 3-1
??? (ECL) AC Bacharach 4-5 Chi. American (NNL1) ACBG 3-2
??? (ECL) AC Bacharach 3-0 Chi. American (NNL1) ACBG 4-2
??? (ECL) AC Bacharach 3-6 Chi. American (NNL1) ACBG 4-3
??? (ECL) AC Bacharach 0-13 Chi. American (NNL1) Tied 4-4
??? (ECL) AC Bacharach 0-1 Chi. American (NNL1) CHI 5-4

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