Football History

American Football League Logo
AFL: - (2019 seasons)

Powerhouse competitor to the NFL, eventually merged as the AFC, resulting in formation of the Super Bowl.

Arena Football League Logo
Arena: - (2019 seasons)

Indoor football played on a field 4x smaller than the NFL, with rules encouraging fast-paced offensive performance.

Canadian Football League Logo
CFL: - (2019 seasons)

Highest level of competition in Canadian football, culminating in the Grey Cup championship game in late November.

United Football League Logo
UFL: - (2019 seasons)

Never had more than five teams and played its games in the fall season in non-NFL markets.

XFL Football League Logo
XFL: - (2019 seasons)

Joint venture between the World Wrestling Federation and NBC. Conceived as having fewer rules and encouraging rougher play.

NFL Europe Logo
WLAF: - (2019 seasons)

Backed by the NFL to serve as a type of spring league. Also known as the World League of American Football (WLAF).

United States Football League Logo
USFL: - (2019 seasons)

Attempted to move from a spring to a fall schedule to compete directly with the NFL, effectively ending the league's existence.

World Football League Logo
WFL: - (2019 seasons)

Following an NFL players strike, the WFL was founded with the opportunity to provide players with better contracts.

Continental Football League Logo
COFL: - (2019 seasons)

Primarily formed by minor-league teams. Lack of a television contract and poor attendance doomed the league.

All-America Football Conference Logo
AAFC: - (2019 seasons)

One of the NFL's most formidable challengers, attracted many of the best players and introduced innovations to the game.

American Football League III Logo
AFL3: - (2019 seasons)

Created when three new franchises joined with three other teams that were lured away from the APFL

American Professional Football League Logo
APFL: - (2019 seasons)

Began as minor-league Midwest Football League before changing aspirations to lure teams from the previously failed AFL.

American Football League II Logo
AFL2: - (2019 seasons)

In its brief history, the league made history by being the first league to introduce "major league" football to the West Coast.

American Football League I Logo
AFLG: - (2019 seasons)

Also known as the Grange League, founded by the sports agent who brought along his star player: future HOFer Red Grange.

Anthracite League Logo
ANTL: - (2019 seasons)

Teams were based in Pennsylvania coal mining towns, hence the league name's reference to anthracite coal.

National Football League Logo
NFL: - (2019 seasons)

Founded in an auto showroom in Canton, Ohio, known as the American Professional Football Association (APFA) its first 2 seasons.

New York Pro Football League Logo
NYPFL: - (2019 seasons)

The league's best team, the Jeffersons, was instrumental in bringing the NYPFL and the Ohio League together to form the NFL.

Ohio League Logo
OL: - (2019 seasons)

Informal and loose association of teams that competed for the Ohio Independent Championship (OIC).

National Football League I Logo
NFL1: - (2019 seasons)

Founded by baseball owners in Philadelphia, the 3-team league was comprised of baseball and football stars of the day.

Western Pennsylvania Professional Football Circuit Logo

A loose association of American football amateur and pro clubs that operated until the arrival of the Ohio League and NYPFL.