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F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
1906-1906 1
Travelling known as the Cuban Stars of Havana, Stars of Cuba, Cuban All-Stars, Havana Reds, Almendares Blues or simply as the Cubans. By 1916, the team was known as the Cuban Stars (West)
1906-1906 1 1
From 1904 to 1909 they were one of the strongest teams in black baseball, winning five eastern championships in six years. Disbanded during the 1911 season, forced by player defections across North, South, East, and West versions of Philadelphia Giants
1906-1906 1
Originally most of the players were former Cuban Giants, hence "ex-Giants". Similarly, the original players were not actually Cuban, but used that moniker to distract from the all-black roster which had negative connotations at the time.
1906-1906 1
Short lived franchise that replaced the Cuban Stars at the midway point of the season in the International League
1906-1906 1
The Havana Stars played one season in 1906, managed and owned by Alfredo Pastor. They finished in 6th place in the Eastern Independent Club League with a 4-6-1 record....
The Riverton-Palmyra Athletic Club played for one season in 1938 in the International League before folding....
The Philadelphia Professionals played for one season in 1906 in the International League before folding....
1906-1906 1
Also known as the Boston Giants and Boston Colored Giants, they were often marketed as the Quaker Giants and Philadelphia Giants. The team mostly served as a farm team of sorts for the league.