Nemesio Guillot introduced baseball to Latin American in the 1860s

Latin American Baseball History

Baseball was introduced to Latin America in the 1860s by Cuban students returning from colleges in the United States and American sailors who ported in the country. The sport spread quickly across the island nation after its introduction, with student Nemesio Guillot receiving popular credit date for the game's growth (read more)

At the end of the season, the championship teams from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican, and Mexico are invited to the Caribbean World Series. Other countries typically attend the lesser Latin American Series.
Logo for Puerto Rico Baseball League
LBPPR: 1938- (82 seasons)

Originally founded as Liga de Béisbol Semiprofesional de Puerto Rico (LBSPR) as a semi-professional league.

Logo for Venezuelan Professional Baseball League
LVBP: 1945- (75 seasons)

Following the world championship in Havana, integrated baseball in Venezuela attracted ball players from the Caribbean and the U.S.

Logo for Dominican Professional Baseball League
LIDOM: 1951- (69 seasons)

Signed a large amount of players from the Negro League of the with large salaries by Dominican owners.

Logo for Mexican Pacific League
LMP: 1945- (75 seasons)

Previously known as Sonora Winter League and Sonora-Sinaloa League before adopting its present name in 1970.

Logo for Veracruz Winter League
LVEB: 2016- (4 seasons)

Winter baseball league composed of 4 teams, all in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

Logo for Colombian Professional Baseball League
LCBP: 1948- (72 seasons)

Also known as the Colombian Winter League, plays during three months during the MLB offseason.

Logo for Probeis Panama
LPBP: 2011- (9 seasons)

Operated from 1948-1972 as Panamanian Professional Baseball League. Restarted as 'Probeis' in 2011.

Logo for Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League
LBPN: 1956- (64 seasons)

Due to economic difficulty, the league was shut down in 1967 and was re-established in 2004.

Logo for Cuban National Series
CNS: 1962- (58 seasons)

Government run, formed after the dissolution of the Cuban League in the wake of the Cuban Revolution.

Esteban Bellan, first Cuban major leaguer
CL: 1878-1961 (84 seasons)

Integrated with black, white, and Cuban players. Dissolved after Fidel Castro decreed abolition of professional baseball.