Timeline of Latin-American Baseball Leagues
F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
Logo for Puerto Rico Baseball League
LBPPR: 1938- (84 seasons)
Originally founded as Liga de Béisbol Semiprofesional de Puerto Rico (LBSPR) as a semi-professional league.
Logo for Venezuelan Professional Baseball League
LVBP: 1945- (77 seasons)
Following the world championship in Havana, integrated baseball in Venezuela attracted ball players from the Caribbean and the U.S.
Logo for Dominican Professional Baseball League
LIDOM: 1951- (71 seasons)
Signed a large amount of players from the Negro League of the with large salaries by Dominican owners.
Logo for Mexican Pacific League
LMP: 1945- (77 seasons)
Previously known as Sonora Winter League and Sonora-Sinaloa League before adopting its present name in 1970.
Logo for Veracruz Winter League
LVEB: 2016- (6 seasons)
Winter baseball league composed of 4 teams, all in the Mexican state of Veracruz.
Logo for Colombian Professional Baseball League
LCBP: 1948- (74 seasons)
Also known as the Colombian Winter League, plays during three months during the MLB offseason.
Logo for Probeis Panama
LPBP: 2011- (11 seasons)
Operated from 1948-1972 as Panamanian Professional Baseball League. Restarted as 'Probeis' in 2011.
Logo for Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League
LBPN: 1956- (66 seasons)
Due to economic difficulty, the league was shut down in 1967 and was re-established in 2004.
Logo for Cuban National Series
CNS: 1962- (60 seasons)
Government run, formed after the dissolution of the Cuban League in the wake of the Cuban Revolution.
Esteban Bellan, first Cuban major leaguer
CL: 1878-1961 (84 seasons)
Integrated with black, white, and Cuban players. Dissolved after Fidel Castro decreed abolition of professional baseball.

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