Other concurrent basketball leagues:    
F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
Indianapolis Kautskys Logo
1936-1937 2
Warren Hyvis Oilers Logo
1937-1937 1
Dayton London Bobbys Logo
a.k.a. Metropolitans
1936-1937 2
Due to dismal performance, the Metropolitans disbanded at the end of the 1937-38 season.
Detroit Altes Lagers Logo
a.k.a. Hed-Aids
1936-1937 2
Pittsburgh Y.M.H.A.s Logo
1936-1937 2
Chicago Duffy Florals Logo
1936-1937 2 1
Buffalo Bisons Logo
1936-1936 1
The Buffalo Bisons (also known as the Germans) were an American basketball team based in Buffalo, New York that was a member of the American Basketball League.
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