Other concurrent negro baseball leagues:    
F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
1907-1910 4 2
One of the prominent independent teams prior to World War I before organized league play began. Fell into decline after joining the Eastern Colored League, then returning to independent status as a mostly semi-pro squad.
1907-1910 4
Travelling known as the Cuban Stars of Havana, Stars of Cuba, Cuban All-Stars, Havana Reds, Almendares Blues or simply as the Cubans. By 1916, the team was known as the Cuban Stars (West)
1907-1910 4 1
From 1904 to 1909 they were one of the strongest teams in black baseball, winning five eastern championships in six years. Disbanded during the 1911 season, forced by player defections across North, South, East, and West versions of Philadelphia Giants
1910-1910 1
Backed by nightclub owner Barron Deware Wilkins, the “King of Harlem,” who would go on to own the Bacharach Giants and employ Duke Ellington in his nightclub’s house band.
1907-1909 3
The all-black team achieved victory over so many of the nearby amateur "white" teams that they attracted the attention of a promoter who clandestinely named them the "Cuban Giants". The team remained one of the premier Negro league teams for nearly 20 years.