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Dayton Rens Logo
1949-1949 (1 season in NBL)
14-26 record
Formerly the New York Renaissance, or Rens, moved to Dayton, Ohio in the middle of the NBL season to replace the Detroit Vagabond Kings, who went out of existence on December 17, 1948.
Waterloo Hawks Logo
1949-1949 (1 season in NBL)
30-32 record
Denver Nuggets Logo
1949-1949 (1 season in NBL)
18-44 record
Detroit Vagabond Kings Logo
1949-1949 (1 season in NBL)
2-17 record
The Vagabond Kings only played half a season in the NBL before dropping out and being replaced by the Dayton Rens. They continued playing barnstorming games well into the 1950s.
Hammond Calumet Buccaneers Logo
1949-1949 (1 season in NBL)
21-41 record
When the NBL and BAA agreed to merge, two NBL franchises disappeared - Oshkosh and Hammond. Hammond tried unsuccessfully to raise the financial backing to join the NBA. The Oshkosh franchise was awarded to Milwaukee, but the team only lasted a month before being revoked by the league. Hammond folded after the 1948-49 NBL season and had their players assigned to the Waterloo franchise as part of the NBL/BAA merger on 3Aug49
Minneapolis Lakers Logo
1948-1948 (1 season in NBL)
43-17 record
Tri-Cities Blackhawks Logo
1948-1949 (2 seasons in NBL)
33-29 average record
Flint/Midland Dow A.C's Logo
1948-1948 (1 season in NBL)
8-52 record
Detroit Gems Logo
1947-1947 (1 season in NBL)
4-40 record
Toledo Jeeps Logo
1947-1948 (2 seasons in NBL)
22-30 average record
Anderson Packers Logo
1947-1949 (3 seasons in NBL)
38-18 average record
Syracuse Nationals Logo
1947-1949 (3 seasons in NBL)
28-27 average record
Buffalo/Tri-Cities Bisons/Blackhawks Logo
1947-1947 (1 season in NBL)
19-25 record
Youngstown Bears Logo
1946-1947 (2 seasons in NBL)
13-26 average record
Rochester Royals Logo
1946-1948 (3 seasons in NBL)
33-13 average record
Pittsburgh Raiders Logo
1945-1945 (1 season in NBL)
7-23 record
Chicago American Gears Logo
1945-1947 (3 seasons in NBL)
19-17 average record
Cleveland Allmen Transfers Logo
1945-1946 (2 seasons in NBL)
9-23 average record
Cleveland Chase Brassmen Logo
1944-1944 (1 season in NBL)
3-15 record
Chicago Studebaker Flyers Logo
1943-1943 (1 season in NBL)
8-15 record
Fort Wayne Pistons Logo
1942-1948 (7 seasons in NBL)
24-10 average record
Toledo Jim White Chevrolets Logo
1942-1943 (2 seasons in NBL)
2-13 average record
Toledo disbanded during the season after losing their first 4 games.
Chicago Bruins Logo
1940-1942 (3 seasons in NBL)
11-14 average record
Detroit Eagles Logo
1940-1941 (2 seasons in NBL)
15-12 average record
Sheboygan Red Skins Logo
1939-1949 (11 seasons in NBL)
18-16 average record
Cleveland White Horses Logo
1939-1939 (1 season in NBL)
14-14 record
Hammond Ciesar All-Americans Logo
1939-1941 (3 seasons in NBL)
6-20 average record
Warren Penns Logo
1938-1938 (1 season in NBL)
3-9 record
Buffalo Bisons Logo
1938-1938 (1 season in NBL)
3-6 record
Oshkosh All-Stars Logo
1938-1949 (12 seasons in NBL)
19-14 average record 1
Pittsburgh Pirates Logo
1938-1939 (2 seasons in NBL)
11-10 average record
Dayton Metropolitans Logo
1938-1938 (1 season in NBL)
2-11 record
Due to dismal performance, the Metropolitans disbanded at the end of the 1937-38 season.
Indianapolis Kautskys Logo
1938-1948 (11 seasons in NBL)
14-18 average record
Columbus Athletic Supply Logo
1938-1938 (1 season in NBL)
1-12 record
Akron Goodyear Wingfoots Logo
1938-1942 (5 seasons in NBL)
13-11 average record
Akron Firestone Non-Skids Logo
1938-1941 (4 seasons in NBL)
18-7 average record
Kankakee Gallagher Trojans Logo
1938-1938 (1 season in NBL)
3-11 record
The Kankakee Gallagher Trojans began as one of the original NBL teams in 1937 but lasted only one season before disbanding. The Trojans are unique for being the only team to never have a player from another team play for them, and to never have any of their players ever play in any other professional basketball league. Even for the early days of basketball this is an oddity, as even leagues who lasted only a few weeks had players play on other teams and leagues.
Whiting Ciesar All-Americans Logo
1938-1938 (1 season in NBL)
12-3 record
Fort Wayne General Electrics Logo
1938-1938 (1 season in NBL)
13-7 record
Richmond/Cincinnati King Clothiers/Comellos Logo
1938-1938 (1 season in NBL)
3-7 record

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