Other basketball leagues in 1904:    
PBL  ·  MCBL  ·  NBL1
The first and second place teams in the second half, South Framingham and Natick, were declared ineligible for the post-season because they had joined the league at midseason. In spite of this ruling, they played an “unofficial” post-season series. The sanctioned post-season series was played between Manchester and Lowell.

1st Half

y 1904 Manchester Burkes LogoManchester   91.900-
1904 Concord (Mass.) LogoConcord  74.6362.5
1904 Lowell (Mass.) LogoLowell 65.5453.5
1904 Haverhill (Mass.) LogoHaverhill 47.3645.5
1904 Nashua (Mass.) LogoNashua  28.2007.0
1904 Chelsea (Mass.) LogoChelsea  23.4004.5

2nd Half

x 1904 South Framingham (Mass.) LogoS. Framingham  248.750-
x 1904 Natick (Mass.) LogoNatick  2116.5685.5
y 1904 Lowell (Mass.) LogoLowell 3530.5385.5
1904 Haverhill (Mass.) LogoHaverhill 3234.4859.0
1904 Manchester Burkes LogoManchester 2739.40914.0
1904 Lawrence (Mass.) LogoLawrence  2739.40914.0
1904 Hudson (Mass.) LogoHudson  78.4678.5
1904 Lowell-Pawtuckettville Athletic Club LogoLowell AC  05.00010.5

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