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F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
Pollock's Cuban Stars Logo
1932-1932 1
The team began barnstorming around Miami in 1930 as Florida Cuban Giants. Joined the East–West League in 1932 as Pollock's Cuban Stars. The returned as an independent team moniker from 1933 until 1936.
Baltimore Black Sox Logo
1932-1932 1
Started as an independent team in 1913, gained large success with many stars while it hopped around to four other leageues in it's remaning years before folding.
Hilldale Giants Logo
1932-1932 1
Established as a boys team in 1910, developed by their owner to be one of the powerhouse Negro league baseball teams in the mid 1920s. Folded along with many clubs during the Great Depression
Homestead Grays Logo
1932-1932 1
Formed by Cumberland Posey, and remained in continuous operation for 38 seasons. Played home games in Pittsburgh at Forbes Field and Greenlee Field. In the 1940s they began splitting home games between Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.
Cleveland Stars - Logo
1932-1932 1
Franchise only survived a single season as both the team and the East-West League itself folded amidst the shadow of the Great Depression.
Detroit Wolves - Logo
1932-1932 1
The team was owned by Cum Posey, founder of the league, who also owned the Homestead Grays and shuffled players between the two teams. The Wolves posted the best record in the league, but folded with the rest of the league half way through its only season.
Newark Browns - Logo
1932-1932 1
Lasted only one season, quickly fading along with most other teams during the Great Depression.
Washington Pilots - Logo
1932-1932 1
Only survived for one season before folding entirely.
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