Other negro baseball leagues in 1935:    
Pittsburgh won the first half of the season, New York won the second half, and met in the playoffs.
x 1935 Pittsburgh Crawfords LogoPittsburgh   5127.648-
x 1935 New York Cubans LogoNY Cubans 3125.5499.0
1935 Columbus Elite Giants LogoElite Giants 2924.5459.5
1935 Philadelphia Stars LogoPhi. Stars 3731.5429.0
1935 Brooklyn Eagles LogoBrooklyn 3231.50811.5
1935 Chicago American Giants LogoChi. American 2431.43815.5
1935 Homestead Grays LogoHomestead 2636.42217.0
1935 Newark Dodgers LogoNewark 1843.29824.5

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