Other negro baseball leagues in 1946:    
Newark finished in first place for both halves of the season, so was declared champion. The NNL and the NAL faced each other in the Negro World Series at the end of the season to determine an overall champion.
1946 NNL Champion Newark Eagles
z: best record, c: conference winner, y: division winner, w: wildcard, x: clinched playoff spot

Negro World Series

Best of 7-game series
9/17 (NAL) Kansas City 2-1 Newark (NNL) KC 1-0
??? (NAL) Kansas City 4-7 Newark (NNL) Tied 1-1
??? (NNL) Newark 5-15 Kansas City (NAL) KC 2-1
??? (NNL) Newark 8-1 Kansas City (NAL) Tied 2-2
??? (NNL) Newark 1-5 Kansas City (NAL) KC 3-2
??? (NAL) Kansas City 7-9 Newark (NNL) Tied 3-3
9/29 (NAL) Kansas City 2-3 Newark (NNL) NWK 4-3