Other basketball leagues in 1951:    
The Sheboygan Red Skins and Waterloo Hawks both claimed the championship because they were each in first in their divisions at the end of the season, but they never met in a playoff series, due to demise of the league.

Eastern Division

1951 Sheboygan Red Skins LogoSheboygan   2916.644-
1951 Anderson Packers LogoAnderson 2222.5006.5
1951 Louisville Alumnites LogoLouisville 1817.5146.0
1951 Grand Rapids Hornets LogoGrand Rapids 613.31610.0

Western Division

1951 Waterloo Hawks LogoWaterloo 3224.571-
1951 Denver Refiners LogoDenver  1822.4506.0
1951 St. Paul Lights LogoSt. Paul 128.6002.0
1951 Kansas City Hi-Spots LogoKansas City 419.17411.5

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