Other concurrent football leagues:    
F i l t e r   &   S o r t 
Ironton Tanks Logo
1919-1919 1
Perhaps the best team to not play in the NFL. This motto is reinforced on the wall of Tank Stadium, where the story of the stadium opening proclaims "When the Tanks Were Tops"
Cleveland Panthers Logo
1919-1919 1
Cincinnati Celts Logo
1910-1919 10
Detroit Heralds Logo
1911-1919 9
Dayton Triangles Logo
1913-1919 7 1
Akron Indians Logo
a.k.a. Burkhardts, Parratt's
1908-1919 12 4
Canton Athletic Club Logo
a.k.a. Bulldogs
1904-1919 16 3
Cleveland Indians Logo
1916-1919 4
Columbus Panhandles Logo
1902-1919 18
Toledo Maroons Logo
1910-1919 10
Massillon Tigers Logo
a.k.a. Pros
1903-1919 17 5
Shelby Blues Logo
a.k.a. and Tigers
1902-1919 18 2
Elyria Athletics - Logo
1912-1919 8 1
Youngstown Patricians Logo
1911-1919 9 1
Washington Vigilants - Logo
The Vigilants would not survive to see the NFL's formation. In 1921, the league admitted another team from Washington, the Senators, that had been created specifically for the new league.
Coleman Athletic Club - Logo
Formed as a new Akron-based football team to compete with Peggy Parratt and his Indians. The roster was filled with a few of Parratt's regulars and ex-players from the recently folded Elyria Athletics
Cleveland Franklin Athletic - Logo
Short-lived professional football team based in Cleveland, Ohio from 1903 until around 1909. Featured Peggy Parratt, one of the pioneers of the forward pass, who played with Franklin briefly in 1907.
Akron East Ends - Logo
1902-1904 3 1
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