Other non-traditional football leagues

Other Football Leagues History

In the 1960s the AFL created an innovative and competitive league that was able to disrupt and eventually merge with the NFL. Since then, there have been several other leagues that have rose to varying degrees of success. Some leagues tried avoiding the NFL by forming out-of-market teams (read more)

Logo for Arena Football League
Arena: 1987- (33 seasons)

Indoor football played on a field 4x smaller than the NFL, with rules encouraging fast-paced offensive performance.

Logo for Canadian Football League
CFL: 1950- (70 seasons)

Highest level of competition in Canadian football, culminating in the Grey Cup championship game in late November.

Logo for United Football League
UFL: 2009-2012 (4 seasons)

Never had more than five teams and played its games in the fall season in non-NFL markets.

Logo for XFL Football League
XFL: 2001-2001 (1 season)

Joint venture between the World Wrestling Federation and NBC. Conceived as having fewer rules and encouraging rougher play.

Logo for NFL Europe
WLAF: 1991-2007 (17 seasons)

Backed by the NFL to serve as a type of spring league. Also known as the World League of American Football (WLAF).

Logo for United States Football League
USFL: 1983-1985 (3 seasons)

Attempted to move from a spring to a fall schedule to compete directly with the NFL, effectively ending the league's existence.

Logo for World Football League
WFL: 1974-1975 (2 seasons)

Following an NFL players strike, the WFL was founded with the opportunity to provide players with better contracts.

Logo for Continental Football League
COFL: 1965-1969 (5 seasons)

Primarily formed by minor-league teams. Lack of a television contract and poor attendance doomed the league.