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Philadelphia Kayoula Logo
1925-1925 1
Philadelphia Sphas Logo
1923-1925 3 2
The team's name is an acronym, derived from South Philadelphia Hebrew Association (the group that initially funded the team), and the team's players, at least in its earlier years, were primarily Jewish. 1949 would be the last year the Sphas were affiliated with a league, but thanks to Gottlieb's friendship with Abe Saperstein, president and owner of the Harlem Globetrotters, the Sphas lived on as one of the exhibition teams that the Globetrotters would play, although they would retain only the franchise name, not the Jewish makeup of the team.
Philadelphia Cathedral Logo
1923-1925 3 1
Tri-Council Caseys Logo
1923-1925 3
Camden Atlantics Logo
1924-1924 1

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