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Pittsburgh Athletic Club Logo
1897-1909 13 3
The Pittsburgh Athletic Club, or Pittsburgh PAC, was one of the earliest professional ice hockey teams. It was based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from around 1895 until 1904 and again from 1907 to 1909...
Pittsburgh Bankers Logo
1900-1909 10 3
The Pittsburgh Bankers were one of the earliest professional ice hockey clubs. The club was based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was a member of the Western Pennsylvania Hockey League, the first leag...
Pittsburgh Duquesne Logo
1897-1909 13
The team first played exhibition games of ice hockey in 1895. The Duquesne team then played in the first season of the WPHL at the Schenley Park Casino, with three other teams, the Pittsburgh Athletic...
Pittsburgh Lyceum Logo
1908-1909 2
After the WPHL was revived for the 1907–08 season, it was determined that two new teams would be needed so that the league could return to its four team format. That season, the Pittsburgh Pirates and...
Pittsburgh Pirates - Logo
1908-1908 1
When the WPHL was revived in 1907, the only two original teams to return to the league after operations were suspended after the 1903–04 season were the Pittsburgh Athletic Club and the Pittsburgh Ban...
Pittsburgh Keystones Logo
1901-1904 4 1
The Pittsburgh Keystones were a semi-professional ice hockey club, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was a member of the Western Pennsylvania Hockey League, the first league to openly hire hocke...
Pittsburgh Victorias Logo
1903-1904 2 1
For the 1902–03 season, the Victorias were added to the WPHL making it a four team league. The team was made up of players from Ottawa, Ontario, enticed to come to Pittsburgh. The Victorias were able ...
Western University Logo
1897-1900 4
The Western Pennsylvania Hockey league played its first season in 1896–97 at the Casino, with four teams—the Pittsburgh Athletic Club (PAC), the Duquesne Country & Athletic Club (or Pittsburgh Duquesn...
Pittsburgh Casino - Logo
1897-1897 1
On December 30, 1895, the Pittsburgh Press made mention of a “great international hockey and polo tournament” opening game at the casino. The newspaper reported that a team consisting of ten players f...

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