Other football leagues in 1905:    
By 1905, the exodus of pro football talent to the Ohio League, diminished the region's level of play and the national professional champions, were usually then claimed by the teams from Ohio. The WPPFC quickly faded from significance and the record books.
1905 Latrobe Athletic Assoc. LogoLatrobe AA   8001.000
1905 Jeannette Athletic Club LogoJeannette AC .000
1905 McKeesport Olympics LogoMcKeesport .000
1905 Pitcairn Quakers LogoPitcairn .000
1905 Orange Athletic Club LogoOrange AC .000
1905 Watertown Red & Black LogoWatertown .000
1905 Warslow Athletic Club LogoWarslow AC .000
1905 Syracuse Athletic Club LogoSyracuse AC .000

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