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Latrobe Athletic Assoc. Logo
1895-1905 11 2
The Latrobe Athletic Association was a professional football team located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, from 1895 until 1909. A member of the unofficial Western Pennsylvania Professional Football Circuit,...
Jeannette Athletic Club - Logo
The Jeannette Athletic Club, also referred to as the Jeannette Indians, was an early football team, based in Jeannette, Pennsylvania from 1894 until around 1906. The team is best known for its role in...
McKeesport Olympics - Logo
1896-1905 10
The McKeesport Olympics were a professional football team from McKeesport, Pennsylvania from 1896 until around 1940. The Olympics were considered one of the top football teams in Pennsylvania from 191...
Pitcairn Quakers Logo
1904-1905 2
The Pitcairn Quakers were a professional American football team from Pitcairn, Pennsylvania, United States. The team played as an independent from 1904 until 1920 and featured the best players in the ...
Orange Athletic Club Logo
1890-1905 16
In 1929, the owner of Duluth Eskimos, sold his NFL franchise rights to a wholesale meat salesman and sports promoter from Orange, NJ who named his franchise the Orange Tornadoes
Warslow Athletic Club Logo
1894-1905 12
Warslow Athletic Club (also formally known as the Whitestone Warslows and the Warslow Indians) were an early amateur, and later professional, American football team. The club, based on Long Island, is...
Watertown Red & Black Logo
1896-1905 10
The Watertown Red & Black is a semi-professional American football team based in Watertown, New York. The team is the oldest active semi-pro football team in the United States, and can trace its histo...
Syracuse Athletic Club Logo
1902-1905 4 1
A nameless professional American football team, based in Syracuse, New York and generically known as the Syracuse Pros or Syracuse Eleven, was once thought to have joined the American Professional Foo...
Franklin Athletic Club - Logo
1890-1903 14 1
The Franklin Athletic Club was an early professional football team based in Franklin, Pennsylvania. It was considered the top team in professional football in 1903, by becoming the US Football Champio...
Ashbury Oreos - Logo
1903-1903 1
The Oreos Athletic Club or Ashbury Oreos were an early professional American football team, established in 1903, and based in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The team is best remembered for playing in the 19...
Knickerbocker Athletic Club Logo
The Knickerbocker Athletic Club was an early amateur and later professional football team based in Manhattan, New York City from around 1897 until 1902. The team is best known for participating in the...
New York Olympic A.C. - Logo
The New York Olympic Athletic Club football team was an early semi-professional football team based in New York City. The team was founded by club owner, Roderick McMahon and is best remembered for pl...
Oil City Athletic Club - Logo
The Oil City Athletic Club was a professional football team based in Oil City, Pennsylvania from 1893 until 1903. The team was the intrastate rival of the Franklin Athletic Club. The team later folded...
New York Philadelphians - Logo
"New York" (the New Yorks or the New York Philadelphians) was a professional football team formed by promoter Tom O'Rouke for the World Series of Football in 1902. The event was held in New York City ...
East End Gymnasium Club Logo
a.k.a. Athletic Club
1891-1901 11 1
Intense competition between two Pittsburgh-area clubs, the Allegheny Athletic Association and the Pittsburgh Athletic Club, led to William (Pudge) Heffelfinger becoming the first known professional football player.
Homestead Library & Athletic Logo
In 1898, William Chase Temple took over the Duquesne Country and Athletic Club, becoming the first individual team owner in professional football. In 1900, most of the Duquesne players were hired by t...
Philadelphia Professionals Logo
The Philadelphia Phillies were a professional American football team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1902. The team was a member of what was referred to as the National Football League—not to b...
Greensburg Athletic Assoc. Logo
Included several of the era's top players that revolutionized the game during their playing careers: Charlie Atherton, George Barclay, Ross Fiscus, Jack Gass, Arthur McFarland, Charles Rinehart, Isaac Seneca and Adam Martin Wyant.
Duquesne Country & Athletic Logo
Considered one of the best professional football teams in the country. However, the team is most famous for being the first football franchise to be owned by an individual, William Chase Temple.
Western Pennsylvania All-Stars - Logo
The 1898 Western Pennsylvania All-Star football team was a collection of early football players, from several teams in the area, to form an all-star team. The team was formed by Dave Berry, the manage...
Allegheny Athletic Assoc. Logo
The Allegheny team was assembled in 1890. At that time athletic clubs and associations, ranging from the best with extensive facilities to local organizations with minimum meeting rooms, were in their...

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