John Hammond is a highly respected figure in the world of basketball, having spent over 30 years in the industry. He began his career as a scout for the Los Angeles Clippers in the late 1980s, before moving on to work for the Milwaukee Bucks in 1994. During his time with the Bucks, Hammond held a number of different roles, including Director of Player Personnel and Vice President of Basketball Operations.

In 2008, Hammond was appointed as the General Manager of the Bucks, a position he held for the next nine years. During his tenure, he oversaw a number of key moves that helped to transform the team into a playoff contender. One of his most notable moves was the drafting of Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2013, who has since become one of the league's most dominant players.

In 2017, Hammond left the Bucks to become the General Manager of the Orlando Magic. During his time with the Magic, he continued to make shrewd moves to improve the team's roster, including the acquisition of players like Nikola Vucevic and Terrence Ross. However, despite his efforts, the Magic struggled to make a deep playoff run during his tenure.

In 2020, Hammond was promoted to the role of President of Basketball Operations for the Magic, giving him even greater control over the team's direction. However, his time in this role was short-lived, as he was fired by the Magic in June 2021 following a disappointing season.

Throughout his career, Hammond has been widely respected for his ability to identify and develop talent. He has a keen eye for scouting and has been credited with discovering a number of successful players over the years. He is also known for his calm and measured approach to decision-making, which has helped him to navigate the often-turbulent waters of the NBA.

Overall, John Hammond's career in basketball has been marked by a consistent commitment to excellence and a deep passion for the game. While his time with the Magic may have ended on a sour note, his legacy as one of the league's most respected executives is secure.