Rick Spielman is a former football player and current NFL executive who has had a successful career in the sport. He played college football at Southern Illinois University and was a linebacker for the team. After college, Spielman played briefly in the NFL for the San Diego Chargers and the Detroit Lions.

After his playing career ended, Spielman began working in the front office of various NFL teams. He started as a scout for the Detroit Lions and then moved on to the Chicago Bears, where he worked as the director of pro personnel. He then became the vice president of player personnel for the Miami Dolphins, where he helped build a team that made the playoffs in 2000.

In 2002, Spielman became the general manager of the Minnesota Vikings. During his tenure, he made several key moves that helped the team become a playoff contender. He drafted star players such as Adrian Peterson, Harrison Smith, and Stefon Diggs, and he also made several successful trades and free agent signings.

Spielman's time with the Vikings was not without controversy, however. He was criticized for his handling of the team's quarterback situation, as he made several high-profile moves that did not pan out. He also faced criticism for his handling of the team's offensive line, which was a weakness for several years.

Despite these challenges, Spielman remained a respected figure in the NFL. He was known for his ability to evaluate talent and his willingness to take risks in order to improve his team. He was also praised for his work in the community, as he was involved in several charitable organizations and was known for his generosity.

In 2021, Spielman was fired by the Vikings after a disappointing season. However, he is expected to find another job in the NFL soon, as his track record of success and his reputation as a hard worker make him a valuable asset to any team.