Stadium Details

Name Yankee Stadium II
Capacity 67,000
Surface Grass
Exterior Lighting Installed 1946
Outfield 301-457-461-407-296
Location East 161st Street and River Avenue
Bronx, NY 10452
Architect Osborn Engineering

Known As

Yankee Stadium II 1976‑2008
Yankee Stadium I 1923‑1973
The House That Ruth Built (nickname)
The Bronx Zoo (nickname)


Giants (NFL) 1956-1972
Yanks (NFL) 1950-1951
Yankees (AAFC) 1946-1949
Cubans (NNL) 1941-1946
Black Yankees (NNL) 1941-1947
Yankees (AFL3) 1940-1941
Yankees (AFL2) 1936-1937
Tigers (AFL2) 1936
Lincoln Giants (Negro) 1930
Yankees (NFL) 1927-1928
Yankees (AFLG) 1926
Yankees (MLB) 1923-2008
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