Missed Playoffs
12-10 (.545)
4th place in USBL

The Pippins of Cincinnati were owned by John Ryan, a former pitcher for the Baltimore Monumentals in 1884. The Pippins had 2 managers, first Marty Hogan (major leaguer for the St. Louis Browns and Cincinnati Reds) and then Hugh McKinnon. Reasons for Hogan's replacement are unsure, because the New York Times in April 1912 stated first that Hogan would be manager, but several days later the Times stated it was McKinnon. Cincinnati quit on June 3, after posting a 12-10 and in 4th place when it all ended. Little information is known about them.

Manager Hugh McKinnon
Marty Hogan
General Manager Unknown
Team Owner John Ryan
Ballpark Unknown
Attendance Unknown
Average Unknown

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