The Newark Stars, folded after only 11 games. The Negro National League and the Eastern Colored League faced each other in a Colored World Series at the end of the season to determine an overall champion.
1926 Atlantic City Bacharach Giants LogoAC Bacharach   6315.808-
1926 Hilldale Giants LogoHilldale 5334.60914.5
1926 Harrisburg Giants LogoHarrisburg 2517.59520.0
1926 Cuban Stars (East) LogoCuban East 2217.56421.5
1926 New York Lincoln Giants LogoLincoln Giants 2330.43427.5
1926 Baltimore Black Sox LogoBlack Sox 2336.39030.5
1926 Brooklyn Royal Giants LogoBrooklyn 315.16730.0
1926 Newark Stars LogoNewark 110.09128.5