Missed Playoffs
2-15 (.118)
8th place in USBL

The New York Knickerbockers were one of the USBL's biggest fails right from the start. On Opening Day on May 1, 1912 in the Bronx Oval, New York and Reading battled to a 10-10 tie (called due to darkness), after the score was tied 7-7 after 9. Around 3,000 fans showed up, including league president William Witman and many other owners of the USBL clubs. Those fans should have been happy with the result, because Knickerbockers success would not last long. In fact, only another day. New York next loss to Reading 6-2, then again on May 3. After 17 games, the Knickerbockers stood last in the league at 1-15-1. At one home game against Chicago, nearly 50 people showed up. As attendance decreased to almost nothing, Chicago forfeited a game against them. New York folded from the league, doing so on May 28. The last game they played was supposed to be against Chicago, but was cancelled. It was as if New York (along with some Eastern teams) were in a completely different league than the USBL's western squads. The next year in an attempt to recreate the USBL, New York lasted a stellar 24 hours.

Manager William Jordon
General Manager Unknown
Team Owner William Jordon
Ballpark Unknown
Attendance Unknown
Average Unknown

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