Babe Ruth Knocked Out
Babe ruth runs into wall and is knocked unconscious

New York Yankees right fielder Babe Ruth was knocked unconscious after he ran into a concrete wall at Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C.. while trying to catch a foul ball on July 5, 1924. As he laid unconscious on the field, the Yankees’ trainer, Doc Woods, rushed to him with a first-aid kit and poured icy water onto his face.

Ruth was knocked out for five minutes. When the Babe finally opened his eyes, the Yankees’ manager, Miller Huggins, offered to take him out, but Ruth would not hear of it. Ruth went back into the game, showing a limp from damaging his left hip. The remainder of the game he recorded two more hits, drawing louder cheers than usual for his fortitude. He even played the second game of the doubleheader.

Yankee teammates carry Babe Ruth's unconscious body off the field

The New York Times described it the next day as:

Yanks Break Even And Fail To Advance; Ruth Knocked Senseless

The Babe ran into the pavilion parapet with the full force of his body, and dropped unconscious to the grass. Uniformed policeman ran to his assistance and kept back the crowd that seemed disposed to leave the chairs and get a close-up of the injured warrior. Several photographers happened to be on the spot and they snapped the Babe as Trainer Doc Woods ran up with the water bucket and the little black bag of first aid preparations.

At first it was thought that Ruth had been knocked out by a blow from the concrete on his chin, but it was sooon discovered that he had been knocked out by a jolt in the solar plexus. His left leg was also hurt at the hip.

New York Times, July 6, 1924

Ruth’s 1924 season was one of the best ever. Leading the league in HR’s and batting average, he just missed out on the triple crown in no thanks to Goose Goslin’s 129 RBIs for the Washington Senators

Babe Ruth's 1924 Season

153 529 143 200 39 7 46 124 142 81 .378 .513 .739 1.252
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