Missed Playoffs
15-11 (.577)
2nd place in USBL

The Rebels played on opening day in front of over 2,000 fans as they beat the Senators 2-0. The players were positioned that day exactly as they are shown above. Unlike many of the USBL teams, the Rebels consistently had fairly strong attendance and managed to win. On the 2nd, Richmond defeated Washington yet again in front of around 3,000 fans. Richmond called Lee Park their home in the one and only year of existence. Big time major league players for them included 41-year old Socks Seybold, who previously played for the Oakland Athletics, along with Bert Blue, a catcher also with the A's but had little experience. The Rebels, however, were also in an in-city battle with fellow club Richmond Colts of the Virginia League. The players down at Broad Street Park were drawing thousands for their games just like the Rebels. But it wouldn't last for long. Teams were dropping out of the USBL one after the other, most for financial reasons. By this time, the league didn't even have an official schedule. Teams played each other at will in an attempt to make money. The final game for Richmond and for the USBL occured on June 26, 1912, when the Rebels played the "Collegians", an independent team, with proceeds going to players. The attendance was much lower than the expectations.

Manager Alfred Newman
General Manager Unknown
Team Owner Ernest Langraf
Ballpark Unknown
Attendance Unknown
Average Unknown

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