1910 OL Champions
14-0 (.967)

The Blues and Tigers both laid claim to the 1910 Ohio League title. Both teams went undefeated. The Tigers, in their first and only season, challenged the Blues to winner-take-all game for the title, however having a championship game between the two was impossible since too many players had seen action for both teams in 1910. It was determined that since both teams were from Shelby, they should simply share the championship. The players for the Blues and Tigers were so intertwined that it was very hard to determine who was a Tiger and who was a Blues player. Both teams combined for a 13-0-1 record. In 1911, the Shelby Blues and Shelby Tigers officially merged, taking the "Blues" name.

Very few records were kept in the Ohio League, so the standings and win-loss records are incomplete.

Head Coach Unknown
General Manager Unknown
Team Owner Unknown
Stadium Unknown
Attendance Unknown

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