Missed Playoffs
6-7 (.462)
5th place in USBL

Not to be confused with the previous National League and American Association baseball team, the Washington Senators were lead by skipper George Browne, former Major Leaguer for the Phillies, (New York) Giants, (Boston) Doves, Cubs, Senators, White Sox, and (Brooklyn) Dodgers. They were owned by Hugh McKinnon, who later become the Pippins manager for unclear reasons. The Senators quit the USBL on the 27th of May. By the partial year's end, the Senators stood 6-7, which was the fewest number of games played by any team, which included a 2-0 loss at Richmond's Lee Park on opening day. They finished 5th in the league. A very notable Senator was Francis "Big Jeff" Pfepper, a pitcher for the Cubs, Boston Doves, and Boston Rustlers. Washington, however, played another exhibition game against Cincinnati on May 26, losing 6-3 in front of over 1,500 fans.

Manager George Browne
General Manager Unknown
Team Owner Hugh McKinnon
Ballpark Unknown
Attendance Unknown
Average Unknown

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