Other hockey leagues in 1906:    
MPHL  ·  FHL  ·  IHL
Because of the need for the play-off, no Stanley Cup challenges were made against western teams until the following winter. Ottawa had won Stanley Cup challenges that season, which meant that the 1906 season would have two Stanley Cup holders: Ottawa until March, and Montreal Wanderers for the balance of the year.
x 1906 Montreal Wanderers LogoMtl. Wanderers     91018
x 1906 Ottawa Hockey Club LogoOttawa HC    91018
1906 Montreal Victorias LogoMtl. Victorias 64012
1906 Quebec Hockey Club LogoQuebec HC 3706
1906 Montreal Hockey Club LogoMontreal HC 3706
1906 Montreal Shamrocks LogoMtl. Shamrocks 01000

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