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Winnipeg Hockey Club Logo
1892-1909 18
The Winnipeg Hockey Club (also known as the Winnipeg Winnipegs) were a former amateur senior-level men's amateur ice hockey team in Winnipeg, Manitoba founded in 1890. They represented Canada at the 1...
Winnipeg Maple Leafs - Logo
1908-1909 2 1
The Winnipeg Maple Leafs, or Maple Leaf Hockey Club, were a professional men's ice hockey team in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg Maple Leafs played in the Manitoba Professional Hockey League from 1907–1...
Winnipeg Shamrocks - Logo
1909-1909 1 1
Winnipeg Shamrocks played for only one season in 1909, finishing with a record of 5-4 in the MPHL before folding....
Brandon Wheat Cities - Logo
The club was founded as the Brandon Hockey Club in 1898. The club first fielded teams in the intermediate division of the Manitoba & Northwestern Hockey Association. In 1902, the club started fielding...
Portage la Prarie - Logo
1905-1908 4
Portage la Prarie played for 4 seasons from 1905 to 1908, several in the MPHL, before folding....
Rat Portage Thistles Logo
1905-1908 4 3
The Kenora Thistles, officially the Thistles Hockey Club, were a Canadian ice hockey team based in Kenora, Ontario. Founded in 1894, they were originally known as the Rat Portage Thistles. The team co...
Winnipeg Strathconas - Logo
The Monarchs merged with the Winnipeg Strathconas as of the 1912–13 season due to struggles in finding ice time, and elected Fred Marples as their president...
Winnipeg Victorias Logo
1892-1906 15 11
The Winnipeg Victorias were a former amateur senior-level men's amateur ice hockey team in Winnipeg, Manitoba, organized in 1889. They played in the Manitoba Hockey Association (MHA) in the late 19th ...
Winnipeg Rowing Club Logo
1903-1905 3 2
From 1902 to 1906, the Winnipeg Rowing Club had an ice hockey team in the Manitoba Hockey Association. They were league champions in 1903 and 1904 and challenged the Ottawa Silver Seven for the Stanle...
Winnipeg Dragoons Logo
a.k.a. Rifles
1892-1894 3

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